LocalRoot: Getting Started

To deploy the LocalRoot service within your recursive resolver, please follow these steps:

1 Create a TSIG key to protect the transactions.

2 Create a server entry for your recursive resolver using it's public IP address.

3 Add the configuration snippet from the link in the Config column of your list of servers page for ISC's Bind, add it to your recursive resolver's configuration file and restart your server.
Note: (other nameserver configuration coming soon)
Note: If you are using views (eg, internal recursive and external authoratative), the configuration for the root zone copy will need to be put inside the internal view.

4 Wait for your server to perform it's first AXFR transfer of the root zone (which should be immediate). Once the LocalRoot primary server sees your first transfer, it will start sending your DNS server notifications too. You can tell when everything is up and working properly as the final checkbox for your server in the your list of servers will change from a red X () to a checkbox () within about 5 minutes of the first transfer that the LocalRoot primary server sees, and the timestamp will update to the last seen transfer.